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On the point to buy mac mini but...


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Ok, I want to upgrade the airport express because when I use the coax out of the dacmagic to send audio to my musician audio interface the jitter of the AE is not a good match with this one. At this moment I have a USB disk connected to my macbook that i'm pissed off to always take attention, so I need a setup for storage also. My thinking was that with a mac mini I resolve all that. Good signal for my musician audio interface, no need to move my USB disk, I can also play hi-res files and supposedly get better audio quality. So even if I can better the optical out of the airport express, I will have to buy a NAS or a mac mini to stop watching my USB disk when I move my macbook. So a dedicated streamer is a solution but I will have to buy a NAS or a mac mini anyway. My macbook is getting old so I will use this new mac for some demanding software at some times.

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