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which mobo please

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Hi all,


i would like to build a better server music. Actually i use Intel DN2800MT. I have read last proposals from Chris Connaker and, if i am not mistaken, the choice could be made between:


Intel DH77EB Micro ATX or Supermicro X10SLH-F


Are there anyone that can give me an advice, comprised Chris, that seems to have a large experience on this problem ?

Thank you.



intel DG31PR - Windows 7 - Straightwire USB - Berkeley USB interface - Straightwire digital - Mytek 8x192 dac - ASI liveline interconnect - Bryston 4BSST2 - ASI liveline speaker cable - USHER Be 718 - Foobar 2000 WASAPI player

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You need to design as an whole, you are thinking of changing a mini-ITX board with a micro-ATX board so does your case support that and cpu cooling?


The dh77eb is old now and will be very hard to get hold of, I've used a dh87rl as a replacement for that last year but that is in very short supply now as well here.


It depends what you want to do - the Supermicro board is a server board and you should read the article and work out if it is suitable for your needs.







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