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Geek Pulse Offer


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I got this private Message from User Hercules:


"Geek Pulse

I'm LH reseller, I have brand new unit for USD300 and Shipping is USD50, I okay I please pay by paypal to [email protected]

Best regards,

Hercules "


I don't think this is a real offer...

What do you think?






Hercules is indeed a reseller for the Pulse. He bought 10+ units and was one of the first to publicise the bugs in the original firmware...which rather than thanks, earned him a ban on the LH forum. I've exchanged PMs with him over there a few times and he's ligit as far as I'm concerned. I'm not surprised he's dumping his stock as he was concerned about selling them at RRP through his shop due to the bugs and "features" such as the power on/off pop.

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