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Ripping Laserdisc


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My understanding is that Laserdisc is analog (composite video) so there is no way to "rip" them.

You would be able to record them with a video capture device, but it will not be a 1:1 copy, and laser rot is common now.


I am curious as to why you would seek out a Laserdisc copy though.

From doing a quick search, it appears that the Laserdisc and DVD versions of the film are open-matte 1.60:1 releases, while the Blu-ray is cropped from the original 1.66:1 to 1.78:1.

Personally I'd seek out the DVD release rather than Laserdisc, but perhaps there is another reason for it.

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  • The Criterion LaserDisc release is the only one to use a transfer approved by Stanley Kubrick. This transfer alternates between a 1.33 and a 1.66 aspect ratio (as does the Kubrick-approved Strangelove transfer). All subsequent releases to date have been 1.66 (which means that all the 1.33 shots are slightly matted)."

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If you have a DVD recorder you can take the video out from the laser disc player to the input on the DVD recorder and copy the movie to DVD. You can then use a variety of software to rip the DVD to your computer. I have done this with many VHS tapes and home movies.


If you have a video capture card on your computer you can go straight to your computer from the laser disc.

I work someplace that sells stuff.

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Is this possible?


Well, sort of... You can't rip the bits out of a Laser Disc, but you can rerecord it to a DVD, and then convert that to some kind of video file for your HD, or just enjoy the DVD. Sounds like you have a good reason to try, at least.


I will be transfering a LD of the SciFi film 'Outland', and a few others, in the near future. All it takes is a LaserDsc player and a DVD recorder, using the best video connection supported by both devices. I think there may be some software settings one can fool with to acheive the very best transfer (if you know what's what) too.

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