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DACMagic with Foobar and Windows 8

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Im new to computer audio and not very computer savy.


I just downloaded foobar 2000 and have a Cambridge dacmagic 100 on the way and look forward to getting a taste of flac audio.


Is it plug and play or do I have to configure both Foobar and Windows 8? If so, what do I need to do?


Any guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Gigabyte-GA-Z97 Sniper with separate usb-dac out,5v usb-power disabeld in Bios. i3 4130T(35 W)@800mhz,16gb ram@800mhz @1.25v. Cpu+Ram powered by Pico-160w+Voltcraft Lab.PSU.

Cpu-Fan+Music Hdd with 2 separate  LPsu. JLsounds Dac-Kit: USB-I2S XMOS-board+ AK4490 DAC+DVR603 FB+2 JLS LPSU. Player: wtfplay and Daphile


Tubeamp: Lua 4040 C . LS: Chario Academy II. Conections/Filters: Reson DNM / Fisch Audio.

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