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200 hires albums discounted at Qobuz

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200 albums en qualité HD 24 bits à prix très spécial ! dans les albums à télécharger en qualité CD (Lossless), HD 24 Bits – Page 3


Some really good albums in there:


Igor Levit Bach Partitas & late Beethoven

CPE Bach Magnificat

Matthias Goerne Winterreise

The usual Miles Davis (KOB, round midnight)

Quite a number of Herbie Hancock albums

And a lot of contemporary stuff as well

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I was waiting for a promo on those Herbie Hancock albums, and I had put the albums in my favourites list some time ago.


When I checked the favourites, the prices were unchanged (14.99 Euro for the 24bit albums).


Then I noticed that the links in my favourites had "lu-fr" in the URL (Luxembourg - French), while the promo links have "fr-fr" (France - French). Example:


Village Life | Herbie Hancock*– Télécharger et écouter l'album


Village Life | Herbie Hancock*– Télécharger et écouter l'album


Now the weird thing: when I go to the France link with the discounted price and add the album to my shopping basket, it has the non-discounted price. I tried the same while not being logged in (using a different browser), and it's the same issue.


I don't see a territorial restriction for the discounts, so I'll try to figure out if I can get the lower price. Maybe it's just some technical glitch, or they are deliberately doing price discrimination between territories.


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