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multiroom music

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Here is my current system. My music is stored on my macpro and managed with itunes. I use an apogee duet for recording and playback in the stereo/computer room. I am in the process of digitzing my vinyl collection. Via apple tv to an av receiver I have music in the den/living room. Via apple express to an external dac I have music in the bedroom. I can control everything with the remote app on my iphone. The remote app also works on the ipod touch. The sound is great to my ears and I have instant access to my music. I urge anyone who uses a mac and itunes and has an iphone or ipod touch to try it out



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I would further add that a setup like this is accessible to multiple users at the same time, with the proviso that no single AirTunes client (i.e. remote speakers) can be simultaneously accessed by separate iTunes servers.






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