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ASUSTOR AS-302T any opinions?

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This ASUS NAS seems to have a lot going for it for the cost, about $240 online. It has a 1.6 ghz dual core Atom and 1 GB ram, for significantly less than the Synology DS214play that appears to be its equivalent hardware configuration.


Has anyone used one of these for networked media storage? The control software has had generally positive reviews, but it is a little new and the reviews were not from an audio centric perspective. It's current software was dinged if the unit is used as a media center itself, but appears to work well for media storage.

1) Selah Audio Fedele Speakers (Revel in ceiling surrounds) QNAP TS-251 NAS accessed w/ a Ruku Ultra through SPDIF ipurifier into a Marantz SR7008 A/V receiver.

2) Freya + preamp, Hypex NC400 Amp, Zaph L18 Speakers, Martin Logan Dynamo sub-woofer

Bluesound Node 2 and Pro-Ject Expression w/ AT440mlb.

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