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Use Audio Enhancers with Losses Music??

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I understand using audio enhancers like dfx and srs with mp3's, but should they be used with losses formats? (Flac or CD's). I recently signed up for tidalhifi.com loss-less streaming and sometimes my DFX enhancer seems to do more harm than good. I appreciate any input, experience or feedback on when (if ever) it makes sense to use audio enhancers (and which ones).


Thank you..

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I have never used them, but from a hifi point of view these tools can only do more harm than good, except maybe with poor sounding material that needs some kind of sonic interfering in order to make it listenable (such as lowering treble when it has been boosted too much in the mastering, or reducing to mono recordings with fake stereo sound)


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Pure sound (comparing with enhancers) sounds as "flat" and "dry".


It like "weak" natural apple taste vs. "strong apple taste" of candy.


When you ate candy, you begin understand beauty of "weak" natural apple taste.


In music production enhancers uses as art tool. But impossible pull information from place where no information.

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