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I have a BEL CANTO 1.5 for about 2 years now. It was hooked up to an old G4. The sound quality was actually much better than when the DAC was hooked up to a REGA Apollo (EVEN when using a rat shack USB cable) Well, the G4 is about ready to give up its ghost. I tried using a macbook pro and all of the magic is gone. The REGA sounds markedly better!


I'd like to replace the mac, obviously. What's the best bang for your buck solution for under $1K? Should I just get a mac mini? It doesn't need to be a mac, though and I don't mind building! And also would one of those USB/SPDIF thingies help? Can I just use that betwwen the computer and the DAC?


I know these are basic questions, but I realy can't make heads or tails of the various posts here.



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the 1.5 is still a great Dac, all you need with your new computer is get a descent Usb/spidif converter. bel canto M-link is great and affordable also check IFI I-usb or wyred4sound. i had an Mlink that i bought for less than 200 dollars and it worked great with my old benchmark Dac 1.

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