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Sony BluRay Home theater for Music

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Hello guys,


I am new in the forum and i was unable to see any thread related to my questions.


I am becoming more and more interested in music and movies so i got the Sony BDV-E3100 and LG 32" Smart TV and i am so happy with the sound and the picture but i want to believe that i am not enjoying music the way i want, even though i have less experience with systems, so i wanted to buy a separate system for music and on low budget.


I have Denon DM39 in mind but i have plenty of flac audio files on my external hard drive or i can transfer them to a 32GB flash drive but is like the Denon cannot handle flac and the Sony doesn't have Optical out (i don't using analog connection).


1- is there any Micro system that can handle flac but within range of the Denon? 2-Do you think the BluRay home theater can play music better than the Denon DM39 since it can handle flac? or 3-Should i just replace the Sony with something better with music and movies but my budget is not more than $400. Thanks

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