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alex santos

TEAC A-H01 humming

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I have a TEAC A-H01, I used it for 3 months or so and then it suddenly began to hum on any input selected.


I have tested the speakers on another integrated amp and there are no issues.


I tried headphones and the same humming occurs.


The testing was done on the same electrical line and everything is grounded because the test integrated amp does not display the same symptom.


The hum occurs with the said device connected to speakers alone; no coax, usb, optical or line in connected.


Could anyone who has the same device or similar provide some insight? Is there something more I can try?


NOTE: After haring the humming I simply put it back in the original packaging and left it there for almost a year. I suppose I should have taken it in for service but I am certain I was just too busy.


Anyway I think it needs a repair but perhaps there is some magical thing I can try.

Best Regards[br]Alex

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