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Desktop/Bookshelf speaker with optical input

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Vanatoo speakers. They offer USB, optical and Coax. $500. They don't suck. I have a link with more info in my sig line.

I also want to find a new pair of desktop speakers. those Vanatoo's look like a good option. personally i would go for a dark grey or black finish. technically they appear to be what i need. would you consider them adequate in a room approx 3.5 x 4 meters?

apologies to adam914 for jumping into your thread. i just needed to ask :-)

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Hi all - I am having a hard time finding any desktop or bookshelf speakers that include optical audio inputs. I'm looking for something relatively small and not insanely expensive. Anybody know of anything out there?




If anything, you can always buy a DAC that has an optical in

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AVI's ADM9 are very good, RCA and optical inputs, and the Dac is already included. With remote also.

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