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Alternative Configurations to the C.A.P.S. v4 Pipeline


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I thought a thread suggesting alternative configurations to Chris' Pipeline might be useful.


Does anyone have an opinion about replacing the e3-1241 v3/X10SLH-M combo suggested by Chris with an e5-2609 v3/X10SRi-F combo. The cost is pretty close but with the e5 you get 15MB of Smart Cache vs 8 on the e3, lower voltage DDR4 memory on the e5 vs DDR3 on the e3 and 4 channels of memory with 53 Gb/s bandwidth on the e5 vs 2 channels with 26 Gb/s bandwidth on the e3. Although the DD4 memory is more expensive, I don't think 16 Gb is necessary especially if you use the C.A.P.S. as an audio PC. The tradeoff is that the e5 has a 1.9 Ghz processor vs 3.5Ghz on the e3. I would think the memory benefits would outweigh the processor disadvantage if the PC is being used only for audio. There are other advantages to the e5 that I haven't listed. At similar cost, I think it is worth consideration.

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