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Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 1M Balanced Interconnect

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For sale is a one meter pair of Wireworld Eclipse Platinum balanced interconnects. Condition is at least 8 of 10 (using Audiogon scale) and sale includes metal case and certificate of authenticity. This IC has excellent reviews and is very transparent and articulate.


Priced very fairly at $1095 (MSRP is $2995) including shipping in the continental US and also including Paypal fees. I will consider international sales but at a minimum with buyer paid shipping and buyer paid Paypal fees. Buy with confidence as I have perfect Audiogon (sjohnson55) feedback.


I had hoped to use these 1 meter length ICs from my DAC to the amp but have changed the setup so will sell these and instead use my other 2.5M ICs.


Thanks for viewing.









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