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Move from WMP 11 to WMP 12.....


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when I started with computer audi (about 2 years ago), I thought it would be an easy, comfortible way to listen to music - I never thought I could sound so good!

(Currently, I'm using a PS Audio Digital Link III, but I'm thinking of buying a PS Audio PWD or a Wavelength Cosecant).


I started with using iTunes on a Windows PC (using Apple LossLess Format). But I liked the new Windows Media 11 more, since it is more flexible for the music infos and I do wnat to be struck in Apple's one way street when I use an Apple-only format.

So I started over and copied all my CDs again, using the WAV format.


It was perfect, but last weekend I wanted to test the new Windows 7 media player, WMP12.

The player looks very nice, the only problem was to move my music library to the new PC:

Moving libraries was using when using Windows XP - just connect the external HD to the new PC and copy the CurrentDatabase_360.wmdb.

But WMP uses a new database, called CurrentDatabase_372.wmdb - and this is not compatible with the old WMP11 database. Microsoft recommends of building a new library, but as far as I know do .WAV files not contend any ID3 tags or information - therefor all my hand-typed infos and album art would have been gone :-(


Does anybody have an idea how I could run my music collection with Windows 7??

Is any media player software that uses the WMP - database???


What would you recommend???





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Whenever I've rebuilt a machine I've always just pointed WMP11 (add to library) at my collection and it just pulls it all in. Simples.


Doesnt WMP12 do that? Odd if it doesnt.


Never had to do anything with databases.



Meridian 551 amp / Meridian 507 CD / Zune Mk1

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