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SOtM sMS-100 can't connect to my network?


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I´m having a problem with my sMS-100. I have had the unit since oktober 2014 without any issues. During December the sMS-100 suddenly had problems connecting to my network from time to time. Now it doesn´t connect to my network at all?


The sMS-100 is connected via AirPort Express using ethernet. I use LMS 7.9.0 on my MacBook. My AirPort has the best connection. If I connect another unit to the AirPort Express than the sMS-100 it´s found without any problems. So I have no doubts that the problem is related to the sMS-100. As said before the sMS-100 has worked without issues until now.


At this very moment I´m puzzled and annoyed as I love the sound of this little gem when it´s working.


Have other owners of the sMS-100 encountered the same annoying problem as I experience right now?

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Well... If I turn the AirPort Express off/and on the sMS-100 is found. If I turn down the Macbook and sMS-100 and turn them on again the sMS-100 isn´t found automatically? Then I have to repeat the procedure with turning off/and on the AirPort and everything is back to normal... Quite annoying IMO


Does anyone encounter this problem?


Or is something wrong in my settings?


Thanks in advance :-)

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Sometime it happens to me too, if I start the SOtM before turning the router on. No need to reboot the SOtM though, I simply unplug the ethernet cable, either on the SOtM or the router side


Thanks :-)


My router is always turned on. Only items I turn off after use are the SOtM sMS-100 and the MacBook/LMS. I can´t see why I have to turn the router off/and on in order to connect sMS-100 to my network?... Think it is strange that it does´t connect automatically to the AirPort Express as I believe it has done earlier?

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Problem solved. My fault. I had changed my pattern for starting of my system. System has to boot at the same time, otherwise the AirPort Express won´t recognize the IP address of the sMS-100 and therefore I had to turn off/ and on the AirPort and MacBook. If I turn on the sMS-100 and Macbook at the same time the SOtM is found as it should. Just ignore my thread.

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