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What's new from Dirac at CES

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If the implementation is right, VST support is a big deal.


The current driver-based solution did not work for me at all, but this seems like it should now integrate very well with a multi-room JRiver setup - especially since JRiver recently added the option to use VST plug-ins with DLNA devices.

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Wouldn't convolution filters be much better than a .vst?


The .vst will simply apply another unnecessary dither stage. If DIRAC produced proper convolution .wav files, one could add them to Jriver's convolution/DSP engine so all additional DSP (like volume control) could be done at the same stage without unnecessary noise being added.

Regarding JRiver dithering when using a VST plugin for dithering


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I would assume that the output from the plugin is floating-point, and dither would be the last stage.

I have JRiver's own dither disabled anyway, and use a VST plugin for it as the last stage in the DSP Studio.


I agree that it would be even better if Dirac would generate convolution filters that can be used with any convolution engine, but I'll take what I can get.


I don't know whether there are technical reasons for it being a stand-alone driver or VST plugin, or whether they want to keep things proprietary for the "lock-in" that provides.

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