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Anyone transferring Vinyl to DSD?

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I figured out a way to cheat. I record in 24:96 and then play back as DSD128 through HQP. Though I am interested to see if there is a good vinyl to DSD solution I have to admit I'm pretty pleased with the method I am using now.

Analog: Koetsu Rosewood > VPI Aries 3 w/SDS > EAR 834P > EAR 834L: Audiodesk cleaner

Digital Fun: DAS > CAPS v3 w/LPS (JRMC) SOtM USB > Lynx Hilo > EAR 834L

Digital Serious: DAS > CAPS v3 w/LPS (HQPlayer) Ethernet > SMS-100 NAA > Lampi DSD L4 G5 > EAR 834L

Digital Disc: Oppo BDP 95 > EAR 834L

Output: EAR 834L > Xilica XP4080 DSP > Odessey Stratos Mono Extreme > Legacy Aeris

Phones: EAR 834L > Little Dot Mk ii > Senheiser HD 800

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I have done it, although, to me, it's overkill. I use a Korg MR-1 from the output of my Musical Surroundings "Nova" phono stage. Frankly, in my experience, 24/96 LPCM is indistinguishable from DSD when using the same phono front-end for both.


Equipment list:


J. A. Michell Gyro SE Turntable

Jelco 750 tone arm

Sumiko BlackBird Cartridge, Grado Reference Statement cartridge

Musical Surroundings "Nova" Phono preamp

Korg MR1 DSD recorder, Zoom H-6 "HandyCorder" LPCM recorder


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