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I have a Musical Fidelity M1SDAC with a single AES/EBU output and a Sennheiser HDVA600 with double XLR 3-pin inputs. First off can the 2 components be connected balanced? If yes, does anyone sale a cable to connect a single AES/EBU output to double XLR 3-pin inputs? If yes, who? Thanks!

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Bummer, you're right. Wishful thinking. The sound from this setup is so sweet, I hate the thought of changing out this DAC for one with XLR balanced outputs. But if I don't I'll have to continually switch RCA cables from the HP amp to the integrated amp and back. I think I'll just run RCA cables from the DAC and use connector plugs on the ends to switch RCA cables on the HP amp and integrated amp depending on whether it'll be speakers or headphones.

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