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USB cable or interconnect for USB Dac--which s/b the longer, which s/b the shorter

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I searched this topic here and elsewhere and found varying opinions on the topic. I want to be sure before I purchase....


I've got an HRT Microstreamer hooked up to a Windows PC playing flac files in JRiver to my main system. I'm using the usb cable that came with the Microstreamer (about .5m)and an old, cheap Radio Shack mini to RCA interconnect that is about 15 ft. long. I want to replace both--cheaply.


Thinking about the Audioquest Cinnamon USB cable and the Audioquest Golden Gate mini to RCA interconnect. Do I keep the USB cable short and the interconnect long or vice versa? If the USB is the short one, does it need to be 1.5m or can it be shorter--the Microstreamer is asynchronous?




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