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streacom fc10 psu alternatives

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i purchased a streacom fc10 to build my own caps system, the psu that is mentioned is a lpsu and a dc/dc card. because my budget doesn't allow this configuration, i am looking for alternatives.

i know that streacom offers psu's (150 and 240w), but they are pricy to.


so my uestion to you, what can i put insie the fc10? for strting out and later upgrading to lpsu?

here are some links that i have found that may be suitable





or a 240w dell laptop adapter with the hdplex 250 conv card = price as the original fanless streacom psu link below


ZF240 – Fanless 240W ZeroFlex PSU | Streacom

amp: Marantz pm6004

Speakers: Triangle titus ex

tv: Philips 47PFK6559

hdmi cable: audio quest pearl

DAC: chord chordette gem

usb cable: audio quest cinamon AB usb cable

storage: lacie Blade runner 4 TB

software: jriver with jremote app on ipad


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