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Metrum Octave Mk II, iFi iUSB & iFi Gemini Cable.

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I am selling my Metrum Octave Mk II and its ancilliary equipment. I am only doing so because I am moving to Europe for an extended period of time. The Octave is an excellent NOS DAC and I am very happy with it. It has been extensively reviewed and is very highly regarded. I am selling the iFi iUSB power and the iFi Gemini cable along with it. Both of those items are significant additions to the Octave's performance... they 'gild the lilly' via USB, so to speak. I have owned the Octave for about 8 months and I have all the original boxes. I am asking for $1250 for the entire combo, it originally cost around $1730. I have bought and sold high-end audio through Audiogon in the past. If you care to have a look my Audiogon profile is Iramirez. I prefer Paypal as a payment method above all others.


Thanks for your interest,


Ivan A. Ramirez

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