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Do I need shielded speakers for desktop setup

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Yes. LCD monitors are not affected by magnetic fields and the speaker enclosure and desktop case are sufficient to protect the hard disk drives from corruption.


P.S. IMO and I've modded and listened to both the Pioneers and Daytons.......the Pioneer's are a much better speaker on all accounts from the voicing to the enclosure construction. Since you probobly frequent Parts Express site, there's some really fantastic DIY kits there that offer incredible value over commercial ready to go speakers so if you'd up to the task, check them out, specifically the Overnight Sensations which is probobly the best value in desktop speakers available. There's a compact traditional MT as well as a taller MTM version that offers full range capability and can fill a pretty large room with a small subwoofer.

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Pardon my ignorance, but is it safe to use unshielded speakers (like the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR or Dayton B352) in a desktop computer setup? My monitor is an LCD and my PC's tower will off off to the side of one of the speakers.



It's not a problem. Believe me.


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