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iTunes equalizer

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At the risk of having the wrath of the Gods on me I will ask anyway, but please just dont shoot me for asking!.....


I know it is not audiophile practice to use the Equalizer in iTunes and that it should be turned off. Thats a given ....!


However, I assume that it operates in the digital domain and just how much of a negative effect does its use have on the final sound quality. Certainly I wold not even consider it if it was in the analogue stage. Surely, gentle use of the equalizer could be used in the same what many use a DSP in fully blown systems and could be used to assist or compensate of room irregularities or correction, speaker correction - especially where open baffle speakers are being used.


Does anyone use the Equalizer? Does anyone care to report on the negative aspects of using it and just how much damage it does... or does it?






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Don't worry about getting blasted around here for posting your questions and opinions. Computer Audiophile is a laid back site. If something sounds good to you then it sounds good!


I don't have any experience with the equalizer at all. I'll defer to some of the other members around here who probably know this kind of thing inside and out.


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Well........ It doesn't do any 'damage' to any physical digital or electro-mechanical components to use the equalizer in iTunes (within reason) - ESPECIALLY if the use is "gentle use". I think that the only thing that you really have to do is 'dial up' what makes you happy with regard to the way things sound in your system at this moment.


Keep in mind that the "perfect audio system" playing back the "perfect source material" won't need any tweaking of the tone. .... also keep in mind that the "perfect audio system" and the "perfect source material" don't really exist in the real world. That is "sort of" what that affliction of the human condition called "audiophile" is all about: attaining the unattainable. NOT. What it really is about, is loving music and loving the music you are hearing NOW.


Boiled down: If you like the sound when you are using the iTunes EQ, use it. I do it in some cases. In my start-up stages of owning audio equipment (analog-only days) I used the tone controls extensively. Don't feel guilty, feel happy! If you find that you are always having to use it, think about why that is, and then of reasonable ways of improving your equipment or source material. We all have to compromise somewhere though (.... I hear someone out there right now thinking "NO I DON'T!!!" - that person is BROKE, and they don't own any 'crappy' source material that they LOVE!)


Please. Just enjoy the music. I hope we can be of some help to you here at Computer Audiophile. There are a lot of folks here that love the music.







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