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USB DAC or external

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Before I buy a 5 mtr cable which should be the best way to go ?


1. 3.5 jack out of my Hi-Face (usb) DAC , twin RCA into Analogue Amp.




2. Optical out of Motherboard into my Cambridge Audio DAC - Analogue amp

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Yes indeed, I have shorter cables of both I'll try and move my PC tower near to my Hi-Fi and test both.

I went from toslink to USB with DAC magic plus to use ASIO and honestly I can not tell much difference.

Reference -> Lenovo TS140(XEON E3-1225 v3 3.2GH) Win 2012 R2 4GB RAM RoonLab Audio Optimizer PPANG USB Card Larry's HDPlex-> CA DacMagic Plus -> AudioResearch DS225 Audioquest XLR -> Sonus Faber Olympica 2 Kimber Speaker Wire

Family Room -> ALOO DIGIONE -> SPDF-> Onkyo TX-NR609 -> 7.1 In Wall Polk Audio SVS Sub (Home Theatre)

Living Room-> BlueSound NODE Gen3-> Carver THX Amp -> NHT Zero + SVS SB-1000 (LivingRoom)



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