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Is there an app for the itouch to control my PC as a Music Server????

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The app would control the music player, not pc as whole.. If the music player is iTunes or Amarra/iTunes then yes, the app is Remote. If the music player is Squeeze Center, then the app would be iPeng.


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That's called a VNC application and in my humble opinion, it's kludgy and seldom works well. This is where you remotely control you pc via a semi-GUI on you PDA or iTouch. These are rudimentary at best, are usually difficult to read, and usually don't support ad hoc browsing, etc. I'll let those more knowledgeable about VNC programs discuss them. But in my world, they aren't an option.


Now, there is an Iphone app called iMonkey, but it looks to be a VNC-style approach (i.e browse your playlists only, not entire library). Dunno...take a look



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