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Oppo BDP-103 vs PC as transport to DAC

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I'm waiting for a pair of speakers to arrive and in the meantime I'd like to finish out the rest of the system. I'm currently trying to decide on which transport to use, I have an Oppo BDP-103 in a bedroom currently not being used and I have a relatively quiet PC build not being used. I know I should A/B test but for now I'd like any input as to whether the PC or the Oppo might be better. Note that I have an external SSD that would connect via eSATA / Firewire to the PC or via USB to the Oppo. Both the PC and the Oppo would be connected via SPDIF coax to the DAC (the PC would be via the Asus Essence STX SPDIF output). I use Jriver on the PC, both it and the Oppo have a nice remote control app for clean operation... however the Oppo seems like a tidier solution overall. Is there any reason to think the Oppo or the PC would do better, each being fed by an external SSD, each going to the DAC via digital coax?



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