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Is a DAC upgrade noticeable

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I am looking to improve the sound stage and transparency of my system, I think the DAC in the next weakest link. The DAC in question is a 707 Super Pro USB. It was major improvement over the stock output of the mini but I feel i am still missing some "air" and "transparency" from the system. All files are Apple Lossless.


System as follows:


Mac Mini and 707 Super Pro USB DAC at my source

B&W 685s Bi-amped

Yaqin MC-10 Tube amp with Mullard EL-34s for the midbass (Low Pass passive line level XO)

Yaqin MC-10 Tube amp with Tung Sol El-34 for the tweeters (High Pass passive line level XO)

All backed up by a B&W ASW750 sub (1000 watt XO at 45hz)


Are there any opinions/suggestions on if DAC upgrade will have a noticeable change in overall sound. Im looking at the Proton, Cabrige, CA or a Scott Nixon. Please help.











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