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OS X Server

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I have a brand new still in the box i7 late 2012 that I'm getting ready to set up with SSD and 16GB of RAM.


I'm considering installing OS X Server on it and running a mail server and other services. Seems a waste to just have my Mac Mini just sitting there and only streaming music. Anyone else run OS X server? Any issues? Gotchas? Or just stick with Yosemite?

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Not that there has been any interest in my thread :) but I did take my i7 late 2012 Mac Mini and install server on it. Set up my mail server, web server and file server, then set up my iTunes with Bit Perfect, Spotify, Muse (for Pandora) and JRiver 20 for my FLAC Library.


Everything is playing nice together. No system hiccups. This allowed me to completely remove a separate computer that was playing mail and web server (LinuxMint Dell Laptop).


Also doing this on top of Yosemite. Crucial MX100 SSD for boot drive and music stored on 1TB original mechanical hard drive. Added 16 GB of RAM as well. Amazing little setup. Running headless as well.

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Server is just a collection of GUI apps that expose some parts of the operating system that are present in all forms of OS X. I run a local web-server (apache2) on my 2012 i7 mini with no issues.


I know but the server app lets you administer to other Mac computers on the same network. Hell it was worth $20 for me to have it auto detect my mail server stuff rather than fight postfix/main.cf as I did in Linux.


Downside is Apache, PHP, and postfix (not sure if it uses dovecot or not) are not always kept right up to date.

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There are some things that are messed up with Apple's mail server. It does use postfix. You can install dovecot and newer versions of the others with fink.


Back when I was playing around with this stuff more, dovecot was my mail server of choice. (It's since become one of the more popular mail servers, if not the most popular one, for *nix-ish OSs.) Curious as to what's messed up with Apple's server - care to provide a brief capsule critique?

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