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One way to do Digital Audio -- I would appreciate feedback!

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Hi folks, I have put together a set of web pages to show how I am using a Slim Devices Transporter, a Drobo, a Mac Mini and the rest of my audio system. I am totally satisfied with the sound and find the sound quality very compatible to that achieved by by No.37 to 360S connection which is also identical between the Transporter and the No.360S.


I use HD tracks and other online downloads...


I am still new to all of this but I must say, it works!


Check out my website at:




Start with the Stereo System page at the top page markers.


You can email suggestions to me at [email protected]


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Hi SiCHIPS - Very nice work. Thank you very much for sharing that with everyone.


P.S. I've used similar items to keep the Computer Audiophile cats off my components. One time it did not work so well and a cat knocked over a speaker on to my Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC. The speaker was gauged and the DAC stopped working. All is good now though.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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