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MacBook, how to Immediately sleep the display?

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I am using a MacBook, just recently acquired and along with my KingRex DAC, everything is going just fine.


However, when I am using iTunes and I select a track it would be nice if I was able to IMMEDIATELY turn the display off, since I usually listen in total darkness. As it stands, I have the display set to its minimum of one minute to sleep the display - so in the dark room, I have the display illuminating the place like a christmas tree. And before you say it, the Cmd+Opt+Edj is no use either since this sleeps the computer totally and the app. I can only turn down the brightness to its min, use a black desktop, but it is still distracting and live with the first minute....


Any ideas?


Finally, just want to say that this site is absolutely wonderful!!!



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Chris.... THAT was a fast reply.


Super - that is just the answer I was looking for.


I am running Tiger 10.4.11 on my iMac, but Leopard 10.5 on my MacBook and while I was familiar with the hot corners, I didn't realize that they now offered this option in Leopard. ( thinking it was just the same as Tiger)


Super.... Genius!! .... Thanks for your help.






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