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Thanks to the contributors in 2014


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During this Holiday season, I would like to take a moment to thank several people & companies that have assisted me in furthering my audiophile journey.


At the top of my software list is Miska (Jussi) of Signalyst for the HQ Player and associated NAA setup. HQP has been made a huge (positive) impact on my setup and Miska has very helpful (and patient) even when I have asked some dumbass questions.


On the top of my hardware list is the Twisted Pear guys for their Buffalo IIISE DAC as well as Barrows whose post here on CA kick-started my DIY project, 4st who provided some of the boards as well as advice on my build and a friend of mine who assembled everything.


Also on the hardware side is Andrew at Small Green Computers that built a custom Linux music server for me to run HQP.


As for contributors here on CA, there are too many to mention but a few notables are Miska, barrows, 4st, ted_b, bdiament, Jud, Superdad, ... and of course The Computer Audiophile (Chris) for providing a means for us to discuss and learn.


So thanks to everyone & look forward to learning more in 2015!!

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Great initiative. I join you in thanking all the many constructive contributors who make this website so helpful, including Musicophile, bdiament, wgscott, elcorso, dallasjustice and many others, and, of course, our host Chris The Computer Audiophile for gracing us with such a welcome place. Many, many thanks Chris.

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