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My crazy hirez/DSD distribution plan...

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It's coming very soon to pull another trigger.


On a DSD/24x192 streamer.


I've decided multiroom networking DSD/24x192 "Sonos" style is too difficult and expensive and a fair way off being out of "beta" (if you know what I mean)


Pity Bluesound isn't quite there yet. But that's a topic for another thread. :)


This is mainly due to the limitations of DLNA and its current sync.. And the two main multiroom hirez options (Bluesound and Simple Audio use SMB shares... Probably because of these DLNA limitations.)


So my evil little plan is to centralise a DSD/24x192 streamer/DAC all in one (like some of the recent ones discussed around here) in a rack and use a Control4 analog matrix to do the distribution.


There are 2 rooms though: where I'll have a DSD capable DAC and a DSD capable AVR at the other end: where it will be better to get the digital signal from the streamer over Cat5 to the DAC... (Rather than let the centralised cheaper streamer/DAC do the D->A work)


So I'm thinking a couple of those toslink cat5 extenders that folks use for Movie audio distribution.


I know I could get a big digital audio matrix: but these are out of my budget and I don't need 16 channels of digital audio!


So anyone know of a toslink or digital coax over cat5 balun that will carry DSD/24x192??


Max distance is 50 meters.





New simplified setup: STEREO- Primary listening Area: Cullen Circuits Mod ZP90> Benchmark DAC1>RotelRKB250 Power amp>KEF Q Series. Secondary listening areas: 1/ QNAP 119P II(running MinimServer)>UPnP>Linn Majik DSI>Linn Majik 140's. 2/ (Source awaiting)>Invicta DAC>RotelRKB2100 Power amp>Rega's. Tertiary multiroom areas: Same QNAP>SMB>Sonos>Various. MULTICHANNEL- MacMini>A+(Standalone mode)>Exasound e28 >5.1 analog out>Yamaha Avantage Receiver>Pre-outs>Linn Chakra power amps>Linn Katan front and sides. Linn Trikan Centre. Velodyne SPL1000 Ultra

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