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Which USB port to use....

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Okay, I tossed in the towel and went with a new-ish Macbook as no one was able to offer a fix that would address the USB issue I was having ...well except Apple for $$$ to replace the motherboard. The one I bought is not the Pro version, but it does have the aluminum body so it looks like the current Pro, has the bus speed of the current Pro, but is more like the older Macbook in terms of processing (2.4). It does have two USB ports like my older Macbook, but both are used by something whereas on my older one the front or right one was only used by my audio related USB device. I did read Chris' comments that on his, the right one on his Mac Pro is the one to use as it is not shared with the keyboard and touch pad, but on mine it is the opposite. The front right one is shared with the keyboard and touch pad and the left or rear one on mine is shared with a Bluetooth USB Host Controller. Since I am not using any Bluetooth devices in my home (and have turned that feature off on the Mac) it would seem that the rear left one is the way to go. Thoughts?


Dave Clark[br]Editor, Positive Feedback Online

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I would use the left rear one shared with the Bluetooth. On my MacBook Pro 17 2.93GHz, all of the USB ports are on the left side. I use the port you described with excellent results. I also turn off the Bluetooth.


Enjoy your new computer.


Steve Plaskin

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Thanks. Yes on mine all the ports are on the left side as well, with them being side by side (hence left and right or better yet, front and rear). So I am of course referring to the left rear as being the one of choice as opposed to Chris' choice of right front. It interesting that there appears to be no standard in how theses two ports end up being assigned whatever as a search of the internet shows that there appears to be wild variations of what is on what.

This Mac is from the previous generation and was being blown out at the Apple store for $950, new. Unfortunately, it is lacking the fire-wire port (my black MacBook had one)... and the ability to turn off the trackpad ...oh well.

Yeah, I have turned off the Bluetooth, the Apple Airport, and the back-lite keypad (though it does look nice at night).


Dave Clark[br]Editor, Positive Feedback Online

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