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PC Guy With Apple Question (Apple TV/Airport Express)

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"Yes, the Raspberry Pi is basically a very low-power micro-computer - much smaller than even the NUC.

However it's a real "hobbyist" device so I don't know that you would want to try setting one up unless you are quite technically knowledgeable."


I just set up a RaspberryPi B+ (with added HiFiBerry Digi SPDIF board) and it was easy. No soldering or programming needed. Burn piCorePlayer to the SD card and you're up and running. The only Linux command I needed was "ifconfig" to ask it what its IP address is. You use a browser on another PC on your network to talk to it.

Raspberry Pi B+, HiFi Digi+ with galvanic isolation to SPDIF of Arcam rDAC. MBP with Win7, LMS, and Tidal. iPad with iPeng. NAD amp, PSB Synchrony 2B.

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