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DacMagic not Processing 48kHz signal.

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From my PC, I use a wireless USB>SPDIF (Dugood WDDC)>DacMagic. DacMagic shows that it receives a 48kHz signal but no sound.


I use Windows Media Player >USB port (wireless Dugood WDDC) >DacMagic (either Toslink or Coax)>McIntosh MAC1900.


Dugood WDDC info below.




Dugood WDDC supposedly sends out a 16/48kHz PCM but the DM is muted.

Perhaps the DM treats the signal as multi channel and muted the output?

I wrote CA but they said that they have never heard of this issue.


When I feed the Dugood WDDC signal to a Valab NOS DAC, the Valab DAC processes the signal with no problem at all.

Also, when I feed the Dugoo WDDC signal to a Dugood WDDC DAC-3W (AK4394VF 24/192 + AK 4112), everything works fine.


Info on Dugood DAC 3W below




I tried two units of DM without success, I am now concluding that the Dugood WDDC wireless USB>SPDIF either not sending out a PCM signal or the DM just got confused and muted the output.


Anybody experiencing the same inssue.











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