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Qobuz HiFi streaming plus HD downloads at the price of MP3

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According to the german hifi magazine STEREO Qobuz announced their new service „Qobuz Sublime“ in France today, which offers, for an annual fee of 219 Euro, the Streaming-Flatrate „Qobuz HiFi“ in lossless CD-quality plus all HD-Downloads at the price of the MP3-Version.


Depending on the record label this means a discount of 35 % to 55 % for each download.


Remember that "Qobuz HiFi" streaming is 19.99 Euro per month for the regular subscription, so upgrading to the new service won't add cost for the download option.


If and when "Qobuz Sublime" will be available outside of France hasn't been mentioned.


Also new Qobuz Apps for iOS and Android were announced to be released next week.



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I finally signed up to this, and can just say, how the heck didn't I do this any earlier? OK, €220 is not cheap, but it is about the same price as other lossless streaming services, and you get really significant discounts on stuff you end up buying.


If I'd subscribed a year ago, on all the stuff I've bought at Qobuz since, I'm pretty sure I'd have had the streaming nearly for free.


I was always afraid that streaming would replace my library. Actually, it enhances it. It is a great tool to discover new music. Whenever somebody publishes an album of the evening that looks interesting, I just play it. And the coverage of QObuz is pretty amazing.


Sorry for being late to the game and probably stating the obvious to many of you, but if you live in a Qobuz country and buy more than 2-3 highres downloads per year, this offer is to good to pass:


Téléchargement de musique en haute qualité. Ecoute en streaming.


And, no, I'm still not affiliated with Qobuz in any way, although I feel like with all the free advertising I do for them here, they at least owe me a free album :-)

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It's a good service I'm just coming to the end of my first year.

So far I'm not sure if I will renew, I'm thinking of going for the cheapest version at £4.99 and using the money I save to buy downloads.


I'm also going to see what apple brings to the party and if it integrates with the Aries.


Lumin D2> Roksan Blak> Focal 806

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