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Meridian Unveils New "lossless" compression format for streaming audio called MQA

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Nearest I can figure, this new MQA system allows 24/96 and 24/192 content to be streamed (or packaged) in a digital "container" about the size of a RedBook CD (I.E. about 700 MB). Whether this will stimulate interest in high-res streaming for internet radio or sites like Spotify or not is anybody's guess, but obviously Robert Stuart of Meridian seems to think so!



Read and discuss!


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Couple threads ongoing about this already.


Here is a description of how it works form patent application.




A bit of a block diagram.





And always keep in mind: Cognitive biases, like seeing optical illusions are a sign of a normally functioning brain. We all have them, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, but it is something that affects our objective evaluation of reality. 

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Main listening (small home office):

Main setup: Surge protector +>Isol-8 Mini sub Axis Power Strip/Isolation>QuietPC Low Noise Server>Roon (Audiolense DRC)>Stack Audio Link II>Kii Control>Kii Three (on their own electric circuit) >GIK Room Treatments.

Secondary Path: Server with Audiolense RC>RPi4 or analog>Cayin iDAC6 MKII (tube mode) (XLR)>Kii Three .

Bedroom: SBTouch to Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Setup.
Living Room/Kitchen: Ropieee (RPi3b+ with touchscreen) + Schiit Modi3E to a pair of Morel Hogtalare. 

All absolute statements about audio are false :)

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