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Bluetooth audio to my car radio from NAS at home using phone

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I just figured out the other day that all the MP3s on my NAS at home can be accessed using my phone over 3G, once I set up UPnP. I can access wavs too, but I keep the bit rate down.


When I get in the car the Bluetooth radio wakes up, recognises the phone, I can stream the audio to it, and if I get an incoming call it mutes the audio and goes to handsfree.


At home I use the tablets and phones to send the audio from the NAS to any of the 3 TVs via HDMI. All the TVs have associated sound systems.


That's how it's all supposed to integrate these days, isn't it? Forget all your HD formats, this is what is really exciting in audio technology. Bloody marvellous.



Mike zerO Romeo Oscar November


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Yeah, I think actually the Bluetooth audio is the limiting point in the system. It's hard to tell in the car, I was just so knocked out that it worked at all. The radio decodes MP3s, I have a lot of tracks on a SDHC card in it. I discovered that the Bluetooth can pass MP3s as is, dependent on implementation, I just don't know what's implemented. I must dig into it a bit more. If I try to play a wav, one way or another I'm pretty sure it will be subject to Bluetooth compression.

Mike zerO Romeo Oscar November


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Forget all your HD formats

You don't have to forget HD to do this - I've been streaming FLACs to my phones for a few years now (although I suspect the process compresses them some regardless of the system used). I've used Stream-to-Me and Tonido in the past, but since I discovered JRiver for Linux I've been streaming from my NAS through MediaCenter using their Gizmo interface. It works great, although (as pointed out) it does transfer a lot of data. I didn't care when I still had an unlimited plan on Verizon - but I had to give that up when my wife's Fisher-Price phone died last month & she took my 4S. I got a 6 and a shared 10G plan for us both - now I listen to radio, iPod and CDs in the car.


Yes, there are unlimited data plans on other carriers - but Verizon's the only one with a signal at my house and it's a weak one at best. Our neighbors don't want to have to look at those terrible, awful, ugly old towers - so they've done everything possible to keep them out. I'm sure they drive their cellular carriers nuts about poor service, too. I'd love to rent my chimney to Sprint or AT&T so they could put antennae on it :)

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