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MPDroid 1.07 released

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I use MPDroid on my Moto G phone to control my MPD players and just recently it has been upgraded to a new 1.07 version. The whole app looks a lot better and in particular its handling of cover art is much better.


I also use MPaD on an iPad Mini and MPoD on an iPod touch and they always looked better than MPDroid mainly because of their better handling of cover art. It is much closer now and all three apps are really slick and nice to use.


I would say the only thing that could be improved on MPDroid is that in the album view, the cover art doesn't seem to be displayed correctly (on my phone anyway), although when I click on an individual album to see the tracks the cover is shown. Also the album view doesn't have an index of the letters of the alphabet so that you can jump to the albums beginning with a particular letter like MPoD does. In the MPDroid artist view, you can click on an artist and see the covers of all their albums which is very nice and is my favourite improvement.


One worrying thing is that when you first run the new app, it says it will no longer be in the Google Play Store, as Google have apparently banned it for 'copyright infringement'. I don't know what the dispute is about, but I think it is a shame that most people wil have trouble finding this great app.

System (i): Stack Audio Link > 2Qute+MCRU psu; Gyrodec/SME V/Hana SL/EAT E-Glo Petit/Magnum Dynalab FT101A) > PrimaLuna Evo 100 amp > Klipsch RP-600M/REL T5x subs

System (ii): Allo USB Signature > Bel Canto uLink+AQVOX psu > Chord Hugo > APPJ EL34 > Tandy LX5/REL Tzero v3 subs

System (iii) KEF LS50W/KEF R400b subs


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