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2 x i-tunes libraries; AIFF on external, compressed on the Mac Book. Is this doable?

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Hi All


As above in the subject line, I've now ripped half my collection (at AIFF) onto my mac book (160G) and I'm about to move it all over to a Lacie 1TB hardrive.


However, when I'm on the move I also want my collection on the Mac Book (and/or possibly an i-touch) but obviously it will need to be compressed.


I'm sure having 2 libraries at two locations (at AIFF and compressed) is possible but how do I go about it?


I checked in the Audiophile Academy for a possible tutorship but my situation doesn't seem to be covered as yet.


Many thanks in advance.







Naim 282/250/hi-cap/cd5xs/dac/stageline, mac book pro/fidelia/amarra hifi/halide bridge, rega p3/24, focal utopia scala

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OK, I figured it out after some shagging around.....

So FYI, for anyone else wanting to do the same thing


Create a 2nd library by holding the Option key as you open i-tunes.


In the 2nd itunes library/account go to File > Add Library and find the songs as stored on the external drive.

Import your originally ripped full-res music files.

Now (in the 2nd itunes account) change the import settings to the low-res format of your choice.

Convert the imported songs to low-res.

Now show the Bit Rate in the main i-tunes window

Arrange Bit Rate highest to lowest.

Select all the hi-res songs/files.


You are then left with the lo-res files as a 2nd library.



Oh yeah, fingers crossed my LaCie Quadra d2 goes the distance.....

The case is all heat-sink so heat shouldn't be a problem anymore.









Naim 282/250/hi-cap/cd5xs/dac/stageline, mac book pro/fidelia/amarra hifi/halide bridge, rega p3/24, focal utopia scala

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There are some pieces of software which make it easier to manage multiple iTunes libraries...


I use iTunes Library Manager from Doug's Apple Scripts for iTunes, but I've also heard about a program called (I think) Libra which works similarly. With the iTunes Library Manager, preferences are stored for each library so you can have a different file location, etc.


Of course, holding Option (Shift on Windows) as you start iTunes works as well.






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...is to have 2 login profiles on your Mac. One login could be called, say, John, and the other would be called John-Ipod or something like that. With this setup you will never confuse the 2 libraries. I feel that given that we, as humans, can easily make mistakes, especially if the way to induce an error is as simple as forgetting to hold down one button, I would tend towards the other method.


Just a suggestion.






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I basically keep my AIFF files on a large external FW drive and I keep compressed 320 kbps MP3 files on the external drive and my MacBook Pro. I used to have some AIFF files on my MacBook Pro but I recently ran out of space and decided that compressed MP3 were a better fit for the laptop syncing with iPods/iPhones.


I prefer the way suggested by Codifus since this seemingly supports unlimited real or fictional users with different user profiles and it avoids confusion and duplication of files. In my family with multiple iPods and iPhones this is the only way to keep things straight since these devices want to sync with the computer. Thus one family member may have different music, pictures and videos from a different family member. And my iPhone storage capacity is far less than my iPod but both sync to my Mac computer. Thus a family member with a 16 GB iPhone and 120 GB iPod would have different separate user accounts to enable easy syncing.






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Thanks guys for the alternative suggestions.


Eloise, I did check out Doug Scripts last week but I eschewed this as I'm one to avoid using yet another piece of software, where possible.


I also looked at multiple accounts but since I'm the only one who uses the Mac Book, the thought of signing in wasn't appealing either!


So for me, option+itunes is ideal as I only need to hold the option key when I want to access the compressed library. My main library for day to day listening is on the external drive and it will be only on the very rare occasion I'll use the compressed library on the Mac Book.










Naim 282/250/hi-cap/cd5xs/dac/stageline, mac book pro/fidelia/amarra hifi/halide bridge, rega p3/24, focal utopia scala

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