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remote desktop acting odd


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I am using an older laptop as a remote for a pc server. it works well enough but there is something wierd going on re media monkey. When I try and play hi rez files using the laptop as the remote, they wont play. And when I go in to media monkey via the laptop i dont even see the lynx card as an option in the waveout / configure screen.

When I use the keyboard connected to the server, everything works fine and the lynx card shows up.


Any ideas?

Luckily, there is a tv in the listening room and a work around is to turn it on and use a remote keyboard to set up a playlist and then turn it back off but...

This problem nags at me.


past that, my bada arrived today and sounds great!


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Hi Jimmy - There should be a setting in your remote desktop client about leaving the sound at the host computer or something similar. Here is what it looks like connecting from my MacBook Air to my Mac Pro running Windows using the Microsoft Remote Desktop client for Mac.








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