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Maddening Audirvana playlist problem (in 1.5.10).


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This is driving me crazy.


Used to be that I could freely re-organize my playlist simply by dragging the songs around, putting one track above or below, another, all as I saw fit. Worked like a charm.


Then, at some point, I guess I must accidentally have pressed something in the playlist's upper row (i.e. either #, Title, Album, Artist, Composer or Duration) - and ever since, I can't pick and choose anymore. I can go from Title to Album to Artist to Composer and back again, but I can no longer freely juggle the songs around like I used to.


How do I fix this?

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Hi Steken, yes that drives me crazy too!! It's a bug in A+ 1.5, never fixed unfortunately.


After accidentally pressing a header field, the only fix is to close A+ and open again your hopefully saved playlist. If you did not save your playlist before, then your work of building the playlist is lost.


Please report this bug, like I did, to Damien, the developer of A+. I still hope he will fix this bug.

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