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Configure IR Apple remote for Amarra volume?

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Have a look at Remote Buddy or Controllermate


Edit: sorry, that was a bit cryptic. I did intend to go into a bit more detail.


Remote Buddy


It's a very highly regarded, very powerful system add-on which lets you make almost any remote do almost anything.




A utility that lets you assign behaviours to keyboard / mouse / joystick buttons that OSX doesn't recognise. Good (for example) for making the rather nice Logitech keyboards and mice play a lot better on a mac than is possible with Logitech's own software.


Having said that, I'm not convinced that either of these will do what you want, at least not without a fair bit of tinkering. I think you'd also need some access to the inner workings of Amarra as well, which is probably a deal breaker. Perhaps some kind person with the power to make such things happen will be listening?


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