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Amarra or Wiess Volume control?

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I have the DAC2 for a while now and very good it is too. My question is around using either Amarra volume control or the Weiss DAC2 vol control.


has anyone compared these? I'm using the Weiss direct to power...I think the Amarra just edges it but its not easy to control unless I access my logmein account as I use a mac mini.


I was thinking of buying the logmein remote app but that means swutching between apps...itunes remote and logmein to change volume by which time I could have done it manually via the weiss panel!


I wish the Amarra and iTunes volume control worked together rather than independent!! If I up the iTunes volume control when using Amarra then both itunes and Amarra are played with iTunes slightly behind....bit of a mess!




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Call me tone deaf and I would not mind.

I could not discern any difference between the two. My choice is the Amarra as the DAC2 is useless as a volume control due to the location of the unit Vs the sitting position. I use the DAC2 as gain control only.

My 2c.


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