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Qobuz not streaming on Aries?

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Any one having issues today?

My Aries will read from Qobuz, add the the queue but won't play.

Sometimes on the right it displays the number of tracks but has zero on the left.


So far, rebooted Aries, rebooted iPad including ending the app and restarting.

Local files and radio is fine, signed out and back in to Qobuz and it shows me logged in.

Qobuz runs fine on my iPhone.


I'm out of ideas.....


Cheers Phil


Lumin D2> Roksan Blak> Focal 806

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Reply from Auralic

You'd think the support teams would be quality checking services they interact with and actively chancing issues to ensure customers get a good experience. It looks bad on the Aries even if Qobuz are at fault.


Hello, Phil:

We have received several reports of Qobuz not woking (while WiMP and TIDAL are fine) recently. All of the customers's problem disappeared in another day or in a day or two. I think there are some problem with Qobuz streaming server which run for 3rd party's integration.




Lumin D2> Roksan Blak> Focal 806

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We tested and it works fine.. We invite you to contact Auralic.

Contact support : [email protected]



Michel GirardQobuz Music Group SA



The service actually returned late Sunday.

I've responded to Mr Wang to request they have a robust structure in place to ensure access issues are managed.

We could all end up bouncing between them if we have a major loss of service.





Lumin D2> Roksan Blak> Focal 806

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Hello, Phil:


We believe the problem is coming from Qobuz as every time it does down, both TIDAL and WiMP are working OK.


I have also tested in China that every time I can not stream Qobuz (browse in Lightning DS is OK), it is always a network problem as I can stream by adding a VPN connection to our U.S server in our router setting.


I also want to invite more people from CA to report the problem with Qobuz (or other streaming service) on ARIES

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