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Has anyone tried WD 6TB drives in a Thunderbolt Duo ?

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I currently use two daisy-chained WD Thunderbolt Duos for my music library. One has 2 x 3TB drives in it; the other 2 x 2TB. The drives are all WD Green. I'm quickly running out of space. I know I could use 4 x 4TB drives to bring capacity up to 16TBs, but at the rate my library is growing, that won't last very long--I still have thousands of CDs and LPs to rip/transfer.


Has anyone tried 6TB Green drives in a Thunderbolt Duo ? If I could get 4 of these to work in my system it would be great.



WD Thunderbolt > Mac mini i7-3615QM/16GB/OSX 10.9.2 optimised > A+ 1.5.10 > Asus Essence One Muses Edition > XLR > Plinius M16 > XLR > Plinius SA100/III > Harbeth M30

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