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Mac mini (2009) with Acer monitor - if turn off monitor, does display adapter stop drawing power?

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Hi all,


I've read that running the mac mini "headless" without a display improves sound quality because the display adapter causes power to fluctuate.


I need to keep the monitor attached because we must get our daily dose of the Daily Show and use the mac mini + monitor for this.


However, when I want to listen to music, can I simply turn off the monitor using its own power button (it remains plugged into the mini)? Will this result in the dreaded display adapter ceasing whatever it's doing that diminishes sound quality?


thanks much!


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It certainly is interesting, but I doubt if simply turning off the monitor will help. Unless you have a laptop or similar, the monitor draws it's power from a separate mains lead, not the computer psu. Additionally the computer graphics card will continue to work whether or not the monitor is on or even connected.


As an additional step, I think you would need to look at your energy saver / screen saver / expose settings and arrange them to blank the screen to stop any processing going on in the graphics card. Expose is for macs, I don't know about a pc equivalent, sorry - but basically it lets you set up different corners of your display to act as hotspots to blank the display / activate your screensaver etc.


I have to say I'm rather fond of watching the itunes visualiser as I listen, but I know it can be processor intensive, therefore (potentially) detrimental to the sound. Come to think of it, I also enjoy music videos via the computer. Oh well.


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