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Sonos as audiophile

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I think that it is more limiting. You can't do usb, amarra, firewire, ssd etc. It may surpass the Mac on a price to performance ratio but it cannot be upgraded past a certain point (making the Mac surpass it in the long run).


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Has anyone compared the sound quality of their Mac Mini vs their Sonos?

The sampling rate to me is a bit of a non-issue with this topic as both AEX and Apple TV are also restircted to 16/44 and would need to be used to get the multi room fuctionality of the Sonos.


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Hi Tonto


I haven't tried the Mac mini but personally I can't tell any difference have compared my Sonos against a Sony CD player and a Linn Majik DS going into a DACMagic. Sonos sometimes gets flak as a source, I suspect it's not all that bad.


It depends not only on the source but also on the DAC and it's jitter control. I notice you have AVIs - I believe the maker is somewhat strongly of the opinion that it does not matter what source/cables you use with his equipment.




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I had Sonos for awhile and liked it very much but eventually switched over to PC mainly for high resolution file compatibility. Sonos is certainly as good as most CD players for transport in my experience. It may not match dedicated high end CD transport but you can also get third party mod Sonos unit which improves the unit quite a bit. I had good lucked with Cullen modded Sonos. Its interface is excellent and if you want multi room capabilty, it is just about the easiest thing to setup and very easy to use.


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